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Dedicated to improving London homes to a high standard

Tried & True Developments Ltd took off in 2006, working on small home decorating projects. Having noticed a strong demand for bathroom and kitchen upgrades, we focused our expertise within this area which saw the business grow immensely. Over time the demands have expanded further to include full home upgrades. My team and I hold a range of specialities which allows us to cover a variety of projects, big and small. As of 2018, Tried & True Developments has become a limited company.

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A Local Expert Committed to Excellence

I've been in the UK over 12 years now where my professional career in home developments has taken off. 
Growing up, my interest in building started with me helping out over weekends and school holidays on  site of my families cottage. Later when my parents moved, I again was on site helping with an extension which would become our family run lodge.
Moving to the UK I assisted on construction sites to gain an understanding of the trade here, then worked independently on home decorating and refurbishments, later forming Tried & True Developments Ltd which has gone from strength to strength.

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